still the lamest girl in school. and it's 2014.
Usually picked last for kickball.

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  • So I was in a car accident last night. It was dark and I couldn’t see and I hit a tree. I was knocked unconscious and the medics couldn’t find a pulse for two whole minutes. So either I was dead for a while or they were just not the greatest medics. I have bruises and cuts in various places and it makes me nauseous to look at them. My ankle is also fractured. I get discharged from the hospital tonight.

    So yeah. I’m doing great.

  • car accident. a few cuts and bruises. and a fractured ankle. I’m gonna be okay.

    so who the fuck will care
    when im flat on the pavement
    and they can’t find a pulse
    and my eyes are closed
    I can’t stop bleeding
    it’s too late in the night to sound a siren
    so there’s just blinking lights
    and a streetlamp
    for the medics to look at me
    I wonder about J
    wonder what he’d think
    yknow if he saw me
    I wonder about J2
    I asked him to be in NYC that week
    and all he said was no
    when I thought he and I were friends
    and I thought 8 years wouldn’t bother him
    but who cares
    about the girl who doesn’t put out
    god I get now why they hate me so much
    im kinda glad they can’t find a pulse
    I didn’t have much to live for anymore
    I wasn’t going to get into the dream school
    wasn’t going to marry the dream guy
    wasn’t going to get the dream car
    the dream job
    in the dream city
    with the dream life
    so take your time with finding the pulse
    did you know my hips hurt
    I can’t feel my legs
    are my arms being stabbed
    or is it just me
    they still can’t find a pulse
    come on, do better than that
    how many of you are there
    who is screaming
    has someone called my parents
    my phone probably broke
    I don’t want to see them anyway
    they’d get mad at me
    tell me I shouldn’t be so reckless
    and the car is ruined
    because of some stupid mistake
    that someone made
    that I made.

    so who the fuck will care.

  • I feel like I should get rid of my tumblr. For me it’s just another social media for me to look at and feel bad about myself. And I have maybe 3 people I talk to here.

    So I mean. Probably getting of this blog by Monday.

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    @johnmayer: “Nobody wants an older dog.”

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  • @johnmayer: You can’t have the Sunday Sads.

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    what are you doing you dumb animal

    making his bread

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  • good morning.

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    people who scream when the teacher turns off the lights


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    the new slogan for

    i will not rest until this gets a million notes

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  • "It’s funny. It’s funny because it’s ah, bigger than, ah…you know, a normal hat."

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